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Tuomas Tammilehto


Name: Tuomas Tammilehto (Finland)

Title: Jiu-Jitsu player

Coach: Demian Maia

Organization/Team: Team Brasa CTA - Kamppailuklubi Finland

Current Rank: Black belt (under Demian Maia)

Coached by:

Compitition History Notes: 

2xEuropean Champion Purple belt
European vice Champion Brown belt
European vice Champion Black belt


Future Cometitions:

    Competitions for the spring season 2015:

    Finnish No-Gi Nationals

    Finnish Team Nationals

    IBJJF Rome Open Championships

    IBJJF No-Gi European Open Championships

    IBJJF Gothenburg Open

    IBJJF World Championships (May 2015 in Long Beach CA, USA)


Instagram: tithambjj

Facebook: Tuomas Tammilehto on Facebook

DIESELBOARDS.COM section: Everything Jiu-Jitsu at

2013 BJJ European Open Championships

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