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Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb
Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb

Supplement Facts


Stimulant free intraworkout Nitric Oxide pumps
Pre and Post workout 60 Servings - Produces skin tight Pumps and rapid strength gains


Directions for use

NOTE: NOS ETHER has a light sandy brown color and may come in a “semi-hard” state. The powder is not bad or water damaged and easily breaks apart. If stored in a cool location, it will not clump one broken apart.

EXPLOSIVE POWER (esp. out the bottom of squats and bench)

NOS ETHER™ is known for being that product that high performance/intensity sports athletes rely on for fast recovery, rapid strength/power gains and endurance that last as long as their vigorous training sessions. NOS ETHER is now a 5-in-1 powerhouse providing an ETHER® ATP (Strength/Power) blend, a NOS Precursor™ (Nitric Oxide/Insulin Sensitivity) blend, a JP4™ Endurance blend, a Mind Right™ Nootropic (Mental Focus) blend, and the DIESEL Antioxidant™ blend.

You want skin tight pumps and explosive power coming out the bottom on power movements such as squats, bench, power-cleans and deadlifts this is your product! No other product will help you get stronger at your current weight class than NOS ETHER.

Since its introduction in 2005, nothing legal has been more effective at increasing strength, power and or nitric oxide pumps than NOS ETHER.

ETHER ® ATP (Strength/Power) blend - The ETHER blend produces rapid strength/power gains by optimizing your ATP levels better than any product available.  ATP is the high energy compound responsible for explosive power and strength and it is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions.  NOS ETHER increases and recycles ATP to provide explosive strength and power during your workout as well as long term strength gains.

NOS Precursor™ (Nitric Oxide/Insulin Sensitivity) blend - This blend serves two purposes; first to provide sick vascularity and rock hard  Nitric Oxide pumps and secondly to increase insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning to shuttle carbs and protein into your muscles increasing lean muscle mass gains during a bulking phase, or to help a cutting phase by allowing you to store less carbs as fat.  When you use NOS ETHER as directed you will notice your body fat will decrease while your lean muscle mass stays consistent or increases! 

JP4™ Endurance blend - Your aerobic (high rep/distance) endurance will be greatly enhanced from the JP4 blend just as your anaerobic (low rep/spiriting/explosive power) will be enhanced with the ETHER blend in NOS ETHER. 

Mind Right™ Nootropic (Mental Focus) blend - Everyone talks about this "Mind/Muscle" connection which is what you need for optimum performance. The Mind-Muscle connection is when your mind is performing at the same increased level as your muscles and vice versa. With NOS ETHER you get a nootropic (mental focus) enhancing blend that is caffeine free to complete the Mind-Muscle connection you need to perform focused, energized, and dialed-in WITH increases in strength, power and endurance. The Mind Right blend also works to give you less of a mentally drained feeling after you work out. If you love pre-workout stimulants such as Ready4War, you will find stacking them with NOS ETHER will be like throwing a turbo on their mental focus and energy effects because of the Mind Right nootropic blend.

DIESEL Antioxidant™ blend - Antioxidants are very important to overall heath and muscle repair. When you train your muscles are flooded with free radicals that destroy muscles and make the recovery process harder the more intense and/or frequently you train. The DIESEL Antioxidant blend helps to reduce oxidants and free radicals during and post workout allowing you to train harder, and recover faster than ever before.

NOS ETHER improves your muscle-to-fat ratio as good as or better than any non-stimulant based performance product out there. It does this by making your body more sensitive to insulin so that when you consume carbs and proteins your body uses them more efficiently by quickly shuttling them to the muscle versus storing a portion as body fat. NOS ETHER will affect your body composition in a way that is based on your training and eating patterns.

Cutting or bulking to gain lean muscle mass NOS ETHER helps either way. If you are training to "stay where you are," but get stronger and more powerful, NOS ETHER will help you do that. This is why most users of NOS ETHER experience a visual reduction in abdominal fat, along with an overall body fat decrease while also increasing lean muscle mass, strength, endurance and powder.


 -Increase power in the 1-3 rep range dramatically 
-Increase strength in the 3-10 rep range by up to 30%+
-Increase strength in the 10-20 reps range by up 50%+
-Increases ability to train at over 80% of Max Effort every workout
-Smash personal records (PR's) over and over
-Increase explosive power for sports such as Martial Arts and Track and Field
-Increase explosive power for sports such as Football and Judo
-Decrease Cortisol (stress hormone)  
-Increase Mood
-Increase Motivation
-Increase Drive
-Increase Mental Focus  
-Improves muscle-to-fat ratio
- Reduces Lactic Acid burn during and Post Workout
-Increase Training Intensity 
-Increase Nitric Oxide/Pumps 
-Increased Muscle Hardness
-Faster Lean Muscle Mass Gains 
-Increased Mental Clarity 
-Reduce Stress 
-Increase Response to Stimulants
-Faster Recovery 
-Caffeine Free 
-Legal in any drug tested organization worldwide

Directions for use: To use as an intra-workout pump inducing, strength and power product, mix 1 (1.5 if over 220lbs) scoop of NOS ETHER in at least 20oz liquid and drink over time, during your workout (once you start lifting weights). When used this way, NOS ETHER produces noticeable pumps almost instantly. If you are a powerlifter in an off season, or perform in CrossFit type of workouts, it is best to used NOS ETHER post workout only as the pumps will limit your higher repetition movements. Directions for Elite athletes are on the label. ETHER is best taken after sports practice (non-weight training), not during. Do not take during cardio unless you want “concrete” pumps in your calves.

NOS ETHER is great used alone or stacked with DIESEL TEST™, JP8x™, DIESEL FUEL™ preworkout, DIESEL DIVA™ preworkout or Ready4War™ preworkout tabs.

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This is real consumer feedback from various forums on the internet since 2005:

-Best strength product on the market, period.
-Definite nutrient partitioning effect, leaning me out.
-Very solid increase in endurance, assisted cardio quite well.
-Extremely intense pumps, arms went numb.
-I love NOS ETHER. If you don't believe me look at the pic on the first page, I've purchased a total of 4 bottles on my own, and intend on buying more when I need to.
After last log I justified the previous price tag of 64.99. With the additions for endurance purposes mostly, and a drop in price it's a steal IMO. It's the most powerful NO product I've used, and the best product I've ever used for strength gains, period. With that in mind, it is more than worth 40 bucks.

-redhawk (dec 07)

I've taken several different prework supps and with out a doubt this is the best in terms of strength, intensity and pump gains. I'm 61yo and i'm pushing weights that i haven't seen since my 40's...this is now a staple. 5 STARS!!!!!

-Richard (May 08)

Huge strength gains the best NO product i have ever used, I have used no explode, white flood, and black powder. it is a must buy well worth the money.



First off, I don't know what the heck you did to your NOS Ether product, but I've never seen a product work better! For crying out loud, I've gained over 7lbs within the past 3 weeks I've been on your product. Never have I seen my body respond to creating like this better--and I've tried GreenMAG, CellMass, Creatine Mono and the like. Seriously, it's like I'm cheating or something with this stuff!

By the way, I just recently became a member of the Army Powerlifting team at West Point--the reason I include this is because I'm asked to go from 178 (which is where I was) to 193 before our first Navy meet (in early November). I'm now at 187, thanks to a good coach and a strong supplement. Seriously, thanks. I'd been at 178 for a long time...

P.S. My waist has not change, but my shoulders and upper chest have surged out of control!

-CDT Riggs

I felt this product was worth the cost of the original 50-60 dollars. It was easily the best supplement I've EVER used for strength gains, along with many other benefits.


I noticed a significant impact in just 4 days on NOS Ether (the older formula) and this new formulation just adds additional great ingredients. I can't wait to do a full 2 months of this.


I just gotta say how much I love the NOS Ether with Citrulline Malate. This is the best version of NOS yet. I really appreciate that your products are affordable too. They are more affordable than superpump, clout (because clout doesn't even have ribose) no explode and all that shit. I absolutely love the stuff. I hope their are no plans on discontinuing the NOS Ether. Keep up the great work Get Diesel.



I believe this is the best non-steroidal strength product out there. i am in the middle of my second tub, and my strength gains in the gym are consistent every week. I have used many other creatine/no product before, none have had such a direct impact on my workouts as Nos Ether.


Outstanding!  I ended up squatting over 300lb and benching 285lb. Set PR's on many lifts. Recovery was excellent also.


Consumer reviews/comments from the original NOS ETHER powder released in 2005:

Effectiveness: 11/10
Yes, 11. Where to begin?
-STRENGTH GAINS! Oh my God the strength gains. I wasn't even doing a powerlifting program, and sweet Lord, my strength went through the roof. Tired of seeing people say that without quantifying it? Well, try this on for size. I was making consistent gains of 3 REPS PER WEEK with a given weight. Normally I only go up by 1 rep a week and that's still better than most people I know, creatine or otherwise. If you want to look at it another way, I was gaining 200% faster. I was only on it for a month (God only knows what would have happened after that; I was actually starting to get even stronger in the last week) but here's what happened in that timeframe:
Squats (all the way down) went from 215 x 5 to 235 x 5 with power to spare
Deadlifts went from 365 x 2 to 385 x 2 with better form and could have done more
Shrugs went from 315 x 6 on one set to 335 x 8 for 3 sets
Pulldowns 250 x 10 to 290 x 7
DB shoulder press 55 x 10 went up to 65 x 10
BB bench went up 175 x 5 to 195 x 5
...and so on. Keep in mind, these gains were all over the course of 4 weeks (the first number being on the first week and the second being on the 4th week) and I tightened up my form on all the exercises at the expense of some increases. I have never seen any "creatine stack" product that can claim those kind of results, outside of the almighty Cell-Tech. Basically I was able to just keep going up in weight any time I wanted.

-Unbelieveable increase in ATP. The most noticeable change was on the first rep of DB presses, bottom of squats and bench, and a HUGE increase in power off the floor in deadlifts. The difference going from CEE to this stuff is like the difference you feel when you first start creatine, only twice as good.

-Pumps so good, they hurt. No joke. I was on CEE/Arginine before this and that was nothing. I actually had to cut a lot of my sets short because the pump was too much. It usually lasted for the rest of the day to some degree too, and I got good "muscle hardness" after workouts instead of feeling mushy like usual. Vascularity was off the charts too. Nothing I've ever taken could compare to it. 


Just wanted to give you my $.02 worth. I will be using NOS Ether for many moons to come.. I have never used a Pre or Post workout supplement that has the ability to make me feel stronger in the gym as well as giving me more endurance. Even my focus is more intense and I really zone in. I've used it Pre- only, Post- only, and both Pre- and Post- workout. I get my best results when using Ether on both my on and off days; and when I use it both pre- and post- workout on my on days. This IS the real sh*t!! 


Alright, I will sum up my experience with NOS Ether, since there is less than a day left.


----> NOS Ether has increased my strength better than any product I have ever used, and that includes CEE mixes including Citrulline, Taurine etc. Just look at the increases I have made in 26 days.

+30 lbs on ATG squats
+30 lbs on Deadlifts
+20 lbs and 1 rep on leg press
+10 lbs -2 reps on flat db press
+10 lbs -1 rep on incline db press

---- Pumps are also insane and do feel like a blood pressure cuff at times, especially in biceps and forearms. They feel like they are stretching the fascia big time and can get painful when using lighter weights and supersetting.

---- Vascularity increased more than with anything else as well. I have (can see) new veins popping out of my very upper traps, upper pecs, and forearms. In my biceps, I can see deep blue veins criss-crossing that I've never seen before, but they don't pop out.

---- Size has increased, especially in the arms. I wish I had done measurements, but I know even without them. I have gotten comments from like 4 people that my arms have grown. They look especially bigger with a front double bi pose. (Keep in mind, they still aren't big, but 2 years ago they were tiny).

----> Weight... Right now I weigh 172, which is 10 lbs more than at the start. However, there is food in my stomach and I will get a more accurate weight tomorrow morning and post it up.

----> Mood... This stuff puts me in a great mood (happy and calm) after my workouts too. I think its the rhodiola. Don't add extra, because Ether already has enough.

Overall, this product is a winner. If I could have just one supplement for the rest of my life, other than the basics, NOS Ether would be it. I've tried some cool stuff, but this product is very effective for what we as bodybuilders are primarily looking for. It hasn't increased my definition or made me leaner and it doesn't give much energy, but it is THE BEST I have ever used for strength and size which are #1 in my book. I also look noticeably better that I did just 3.5 weeks ago. $60 is a lot, but this stuff is really worth it if you need to get over a plateau or just want to start gaining again. I'm sure I will use this again at some point. Thanks Chuck

- Bammy

NOS Ether promises something called “tight pumps.” What? As opposed to ‘loose pumps?’ I wondered about that. I discovered a little about ‘tight pumps’ after my first ME day on NOS Ether. I wasn’t sure what was going on…was it an anomaly? A fluke? What was that achy feeling? I stored it in the back of my mind…no use making decisions or forming opinions after one workout. But now, I’ve completed two Speed Days and the one ME Day on NOS Ether…and it’s no fluke. (Note. I do stack NOS Ether with one capsule of Diesel Fuel.)

As I was finishing up my Speed Day workout last night, I was super setting my shoulder work…and getting the ‘tight pump.’ Oh yeah. The ‘tight pump.’ It’s painful. In a good way. Heh. (Can I say that on this site?) It feels like your muscles are trying to explode thru your skin…and it does hurt. You feel like Ronnie Coleman looks – like your muscles are bursting out. I was half-way through super setting; my shoulders ached so badly I felt like I had to stop until the throbbing subsided, but I could hear Louie Simmons whispering ‘density of training, get your candy-ass back to work’ in my ear, so I continued to march. (The pump was so severe and so “tight” that I looked in the mirror several times to see if something bad was happening…no lie!)

After finishing shoulders, I still had a few sets of hammers before I was finished for the night. My shoulders continue to ache through the four sets of hammers. And I mean ache. You can’t ‘shake it out.’ They just throb. After finishing the workout, I took my post-workout dose of NOS Ether (brought my shaker bottle with me, all I had to do was add water). You’re not supposed to consume your protein for at least 15 minutes after taking NOS Ether (20 minutes for food). It took 15 minutes or so for the tightness and achy feeling to subside. I now understand exactly what ‘tight pumps’ are all about.

In summary, NOS Ether is everything it claims to be. Oh yeah. One more thing. Those other…ahem…side effects it mentions on the jar? Those are true too (side effects include increased appetite, strong erections and reduction in body fat).

- Ghengis_77


Just got back from the gym and hit a 60lb PR on band resisted deadlifts. A single would have been the PR...but I WENT AHEAD AND HIT IT FOR A TRIPLE.

I have not seen result like this in such a short amount of time since I started lifting.

The last three weeks I have been doing:
-1hour preworkout 1.5 scoops (1.5 servings NOS ETHER)
-1/2hour preworkout 40grams WPC and a pear
-postworkout 1.5 scoops with 15grams dextrose and 25grams high DE Maltodextrin
-20min later 40 grams WPI with 25 grams Low DE Maltodextrin with Inulin
-30min later 6 ounces of salmon and a high fiber complex carb.


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Any product name mentioned other than a GET DIESEL product is the TM of that respected company

Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Diesel Test Hardcore
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