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Test Booster | Nitric Oxide | Libido | Strength

First released in 2005, this marks the 10 year anniversary of this powerful 1 or 2 pill a day testosterone booster by GET DIESEL. Originally formulated as a product to stack with DIESEL TEST Hardcore to provide the “raw” materials needed to make testosterone naturally (Pregnenolone and DHEA), Raw Test ™ was later phased out when DIESEL TEST ™ Procycle was released in 2009. Customers for years have petitioned to bring back Raw Test so they could stack it with Hardcore or Procycle. What’s different with this new 2015 version? Raw Test is even stronger as it now contains Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack) and Boron. Another key difference is Raw Test is yohimbe free (Procycle contains yohimbe) and Raw Test contains twice the amount of Long Jack, Pregnenolone and DHEA per tablet as DIESEL TEST Procycle V2….the Planet Muscle Magazine 2015 test booster of the year!

Here is the best part…Raw Test sells online for about $30 (sug. retail $42.95) per 40 tablet bottle which is taken only 5 days per week and last 4-8 weeks!  That’s an incredible value for a test booster that is right up there with GET DIESEL’s other two industry leading boosters Hardcore and Procycle.  Raw Test can be used alone, or stacked to amplify GET DIESEL’s other test boosters, or in the powerful “Extreme Three Kings” stack of DIESEL TEST Procycle, Raw Test and Sunami. 

As you may know or may not have learned yet, GET DIESEL products work extremely well and are formulated to work synergistically with the other GET DIESEL products.  For instance Ready4War and JP8x Hardcore are pre-workout energizers, but also increase the testosterone elevating effects of Hardcore, Procycle and Raw Test. Same with Raw Test, Hardcore and Procycle, they boost the energy, endurance, training intensity and drive seen with the pre-workouts. Sunami is used with DIESEL TEST to increase libido and prevent a libido drop, Raw Test is used to provide a steady flow of DHEA, Pregnenolone and Long Jack to your body with Raw Test being released. 

Is Raw Test as powerful bottle for bottle as Procycle? No, but it also cost around $30 and is the most powerful test booster you can purchase for under $40 besides our DIESEL TEST Hardcore. That’s giving it to you straight. Companies will blow smoke like, “no all of our products work the same, blabla” but that’s not what GET DIESEL is about. It does hit hard, and produce excellent test boosting effects as seen with our other products such as increase appetite, alpha-male mentality, motivation, drive, libido, muscle hardness and strength gains. If you are over 30 years old, besides Procycle, there is no more effective, legal test booster available. Pill for Pill this IS the hardest hitting test booster on earth. One tab AM and one mid-day will produce results other company's products give you when only stacked with two or three of their other products. If you have responded to the Boron and/or Long Jack combo used in other products, you will love Raw Test. On-Cycle, PCT, all-natural, bulking, cutting, no matter where you are with your training regimen, you WILL see results with Raw Test.


Stacks popular since 2005 with Raw Test:
“Hardcore Double or Nothing” Stack – Raw Test and DIESEL TEST Hardcore
“Extreme Double or Nothing” Stack – Raw Test and DIESEL TEST Procycle
“Three Kings” Stack – Raw Test, Sunami, DIESEL TEST Hardcore
“Extreme Three Kings” Stack – Raw Test, Sunami, DIESEL TEST Procycle

Also stacks well with the soon to be release GET DIESEL anti-estrogen product E2-X™


** Please note this is a very effective testosterone and libido booster!  You may see a huge increase in aggression or you may become "short tempered" with a dosage over 1 tab/day.  It is very probable that you will see a HUGE (and sometimes it may be unbearable) increase in libido (sex drive).  If "extreme" results are unwanted, reduce your dosage to 1 tab or less/day.



Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.


  • Reduce Cortisol (stress hormone)

  • Increase Testosterone Levels

  • Increase Training Aggression and Motivation

  • Yohimbe and Stimulant Free

  • Increase Strength and Muscle Hardness

  • Increase Sex Drive and Response to Stimulation

  • Increase Semen Volume and Sexual Pleasure

  • Stack with DIESEL TEST for out of this world results


Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb
Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb

Supplement Facts | Directions for use

Raw TeST

"I'm Back!"

Diesel Test Hardcore
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