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From "Bla" to the best tasting pre-workout on earth! You will want to
make a pitcher of JP8x and add ice and sip it on the beach
NOTE: (don't make a pitcher of JP8x please follow directions).


CONTAINS NO: Yohimbe | Yohimbine | Quebracho | Alpha-Yohimbine
Rauwolscine |  Rauwolfia
  All forms of yohimbe/yohimbine



Delicious Tropical Island Fruit Punch Flavor.
No clumping, even better results. No Competition!
This will be the best, non-chemical tasting pre-workout you have every used, with the usual GET DIESEL results...
this will be the pre-workout of the year for 2015!


The time has finally come for a change in the pre-workout Energy/Nitric Oxide product market with the introduction of JP8x. JP8x is that product you need for those dialed in, "get out my way, stop texting your girl while on the bench," I got weight to move workouts!  You see GET DIESEL NUTRITION has been in this pre-workout game since 2002 with the introduction of DIESEL FUEL capsules and Ready4Warpowder in 2004.  JP8x is along the lines of these classic products that do more than just give you caffeine and creatine.  JP8x contains nootropics for dialed in mental focus and endurance enhancers such as Rhodiola and Beta-Alanine for noticeable increases in endurance and power gains. 

JP8x take it back to 1997 when you took products because they worked.  Not these days where companies are using flavors like juicy watermelon bubble gum as a selling point! Don’t get me wrong, this new JP8x will probably be most non-chemical tasting, real fruit punch flavor you have ever had. Even better than most drink mixes sold in grocery stores. This can be attributed to JP8x containing no Acesulfame Potassium (Acesulfame-K) while including a heavy dose of Stevia (JP8x also contains sucralose).


When it comes to pumps, energy, endurance, training intensity AND strength/power gains. It’s JP8x or nothing. 


ETHER ATP ™ (Strength/Power) blend - The ETHER blend produces rapid strength/power gains by optimizing your ATP levels better than any product available. ATP is the high energy compound responsible for explosive power and strength and it is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions. JP8x increases and recycles ATP to provide explosive strength and power during your workout as well as help to produce long term strength gains when stacked with ETHER tabs or NOS ETHER taken post-workout and on non-workout days.

NOS Precursor ™ (Nitric Oxide/Insulin Sensitivity) blend - This blend serves two purposes; first to provide sick vascularity and rock hard Nitric Oxide pumps and secondly to increase insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning to shuttle carbs and protein into your muscles. This increased insulin sensitivity is what gives you those rock hard concrete pumps on JP8x, versus the water bloat pumps you see with other Nitric Oxide pre-workout products.

JP4 ™ Endurance blend - Similar to the JP4 blend in NOS ETHER, JP8x's endurance blend will not only increase your endurance across the board in reps performed but also decrease your needed rest time between sets for optimal aerobic and anaerobic endurance. From day one on JP8x you will notice an increase in endurance that you have never felt on other pre-workout energy/NO products. JP8s contains effective doses of Beta-Alanine and Rhodiola, a combination found in no other product in JP8x's class.

Ready4War ™ (pre-workout energy/training intensity) blend - This without a doubt is the most important and key attribute of JP8. For years we have sold Ready4War as a hardcore underground pre-workout training intensifier with satisfied customer after satisfied customer all over the world attesting to Ready4Wars hard hitting, training intensity amplifying formula. JP8 contains a potent Ready4War blend that separates JP8 from the tons of pre-workout energy/NO products out there. Let’s face it; all Nitric Oxide pre-workout products give you some type of pump. No one should be buying a product to just feel a pump with caffeine buzz. JP8 hits hard and fast increasing training intensity, mood, motivation, drive, and energy.  JP8x also hits hard with continued use and isn't one of those "I started with two scoops, then three, then four then five scoops" pre-workout products that work ok to great initially but 3-5 workouts into the product you're taking three scoops or more, with each 40 serving bottle lasting 8 to 13workouts. With JP8x we can promise you most users will never need over 1.5 to 2 scoops pre-workout for mind blowing results!

DIESEL Antioxidant ™ blend - Antioxidants are very important to overall heath and muscle repair. When you work out your muscles are flooded free radicals that destroy muscles and make the recovery process harder the more intense and/or frequently you train. The Diesel Antioxidant blend helps to reduce oxidants and free radicals during and post workout allowing you to train harder, and recover faster than ever before.





 -Increase Training Intensity
-Increase Nitric Oxide/Pumps
-Increase Explosive Power
-Increase Endurance
-Increase Strength
-Increase Mood
-Increase Motivation
-Increase Drive
-Increase Mental Focus
-Increased Mental Clarity
- Reduces Lactic Acid burn during and Post Workout
-Increased Muscle Hardness
-Faster Lean Muscle Mass Gains
-Faster Recovery


JP8x is great used alone or stacked with DIESEL Test Hardcore/Pro-cycle for even more powerful results! For long term strength and power gains use JP8x pre-workout and NOS ETHER powder post workout and on non-workout days.


Why the Proprietary Blends?

Listen…h**l yeah there’s a proprietary blend.  Although most companies use proprietary blends to mask under dosed amounts of ingredients, GET DIESEL has been in the supplement industry since 2002 producing pre-workout/thermogenic products for over 12 years with none duplicated.  Do you know why? Proprietary Blends.  It makes no smart business sense to list the amount of every ingredient in your effective product right there on the label so everyone else can just boot-leg it line by line.  Why do you think so many pre-workouts look the same now-a-days? They are all just semi-carbon copies of their competitor’s products. You got:  Creatine HCL, Agmatine, Beta-Alanine, ..… same product.  

Listen…long answer short: Pringles®, Ruffles® and Miracle Whip® have one thing in common…proprietary blends.  It would  makes no good business sense if Ruffles® or Pringles® were to list the exact recipe to make their chips right there on the bag.  End of discussion.



Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Any product name mentioned other than a GET DIESEL product is the TM of that respected company.



Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb
Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb

Supplement Facts


Training Intensity | Pumps | Energy | Mental Focus | Strength | Lean Muscle Mass | Recovery

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Diesel Test Hardcore
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