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Diesel Test Hardcore

UPC: 867648008841 (Peach Mnago)
UPC: 857648101858 (pineapple Breeze)


- Pharmaceutical grade fermented BCAAs

- Great natural taste

- Health Canada Approved

- 45 Serving

- Dissolves instantly

- More endurance and ATP

- Low in sodium

- Preserve lean muscle mass

- Increases protein synthesis

- Promotes fat burning

- Greatly reduces muscle fatigue

- Reduces post workout soreness

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Now in Peach Mango and Pineapple Breeze


GET DIESEL Natural BCAAs - Health Canada Approved
No artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or Colors


Why DIESELADE? There are two main problems with traditional BCAAs. One, they typically do not dissolve in water: DIESELADE however is made using ultra-premium, highly soluble BCAAs that dissolve completely with a few shakes in a shaker bottle. The 2nd problem with BCAAs is they taste HORRIBLE! Think of chewing aspirin and washing it down with Aloe Vera juice! For this reason companies have to use heavy doses of artificial flavors and sweeteners such as Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K) and Sucralose to flavor them. Additionally as with most sports supplements they are heavily colored with artificial colors. This is why most BCAA products taste like melted candy with extra sugar and give most users headaches or make you feel sick to your stomach.

What about the smell? Dieselade smells like a fresh all natural product because it contains all natural ingredients and real fruit flavors. Our BCAAs are fermented and vegan friendly which is why they do not smell like ammonia or chemicals like most BCAA products. The ones that do not specify they are fermented are manufactured from a chemical heavy process that produces that horrible smell.

DIESELADE contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Other manufactures like to highlight points such as "sugar free, low in calories" even go as far to mention their aminos are plant based...but the product is full of sucralose, ace-k, artificial colors and artificial flavors. You wouldn't eat an artificially sweetened and artificially flavored banana or apple would you? Typically consumers over look how my "junk" is in their BCAAs/supplements because they assume all supplements are good for you, but that's not the case. Expect the same quality from your supplements that you expect from your food.

What are BCAAs and why take them? BCAAs increase protein synthesis (the rate you build muscle) and have become popular for their lean muscle preserving effects during and after cardio and weight training. BCAAs have also been shown to benefit the fat burning process, while “cutting” especially on a calorie restricted diet while preserving lean muscle mass.


Benefits of taking BCAAs in DIESELADE:


- Preserve lean muscle mass while dieting (1)
- Increase strength gains while dieting (1)
-  May improve insulin resistance (2)
- Enhanced protein synthesis (3)
- (Leucine) Promotes fatty acid conversion in fat cells to CO2 and water (3)
- (Leucine) May slow muscle loss in older adults (3)
- (Leucine) Anti-catabolic (prevent muscle loss) properties while inactive (resting) (4) (5)
-  Fights muscle damage by decreasing CK and LDH enzymes post workout (6)
- Helps block the feeling of fatigue by reducing levels of tryptophan during exercise (7)(10)(11)
- Slows exercise induced BCAA catabolism which happens when fatty acid usage increases
   (when you increase fat burning) (8) 
- Decreases the rest time needed to perform at max effort (MVC) (9)


Working out (training) does three things as they relate to DIESELADE. One, cardio and sports related activities, increases fat burning. Fat burning is a combination of lipolysis and thermogenic activity; the release and burning of fatty acids for fuel/energy. Weight training also increases lipolysis and thermogenic activity in addition to increasing protein synthesis. Both cardio and weight training is catabolic to muscles (causes muscle breakdown). The higher the fat burning activity in your body, the more you destroy BCAAs (8), the more BCAAs you will need. Without increasing BCAA uptake during training and after training, you are pairing the increased fat burning with increased muscle loss. Since training destroys muscle, supplements like BCAAs and glutamine have anti-catabolic properties that help preserve muscle, and can help build muscle while cutting (1). The purpose of weight (resistance) training is to increase strength, cardio vascular health, protein synthesis and the thermogenic activity of muscles. Exercise heats up muscles, and calories are burned from fat cells as energy. This is how your resting metabolism (caloric need at rest) is calculated (BMR). It is calculated using fat-free mass (muscle) and activity level (how often you exercise). The harder you cut, the more muscle you lose because the more fat you burn, the more BCAAs you catabolize. Additionally, the more calorie restricted your diet is the more nitrogen your body will need, which will come from breaking down muscle at a much faster rate than when you are not dieting.


Well I get enough BCAAs from protein: Often you read and see a lot of fitness “experts” online and on YouTube saying something like “If you get your protein you do not need BCAAs because BCAAs are in protein.” I can see how that would make sense to most people, but what they are not taking into account is the absorption rate of BCAAs when taken as protein. Not only does protein have to be digested and broken down into amino acids (which can take hours), some protein amino acids fall in classes in terms of how they are absorbed. Aminos in each group compete for absorption when taken at the same time. This is why if you take 4g of arginine pre-workout, you will see a much greater Nitric Oxide pump response during training than if you took 2 average scoops of protein pre-workout, which will also give you about 4g of arginine. The arginine (free form) doesn’t have to be digested and broken down, because it can be used immediately, which is critical to supplement timing. No one is increasing their intra-workout pumps by taking protein powder pre-workout. If you want the maximum effect of any single amino acid, its best to take in free form away from other aminos that compete for absorption when taken at the same time.


If you were wondering why Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine are considered “BCAAs” it is because Branch Chain Amino Acids are unique being they are the three essential amino acids that your body does not process in the liver. They are processed in the muscles, so taking them in free form, alone makes even more sense.


BCAAs compete with tryptophan for absorption in the brain. They both belong to the group “Large Neutral” aminos along with tyrosine. During exercise, the body’s levels circulating tryptophan is negatively affected by the availability of BCAAs and vice versa. Additionally, any circulating increase in tryptophan will lower circulating BCAAs (10). When you ingest protein, you cannot avoid tryptophan. Tryptophan isn’t “bad,” or unnecessary because it is needed to make serotonin (brain chemical that helps you feed relaxed and in a better mood). What happens during exercise is the longer and harder you train, the higher your tryptophan levels rise, increasing serotonin. Do not take this out of context and read it as BCAAs (free-form) are better for you than protein. BCAAs are not a replacement to meeting your protein requirements, BUT to best benefit from them, like arginine, BCAAs work best when taken in the free form amino state.


Taking free form BCAAs (as in DIESELADE) around your workout is a way to get the best out of BCAAs due to their absorption rate, effect on the body during and after training, and lack of the presence of tyrosine and tryptophan during their absorption. When you look at all the research, right after getting your macros from food and a multivitamin, if all supplements were free, those who say you do not need BCAAs, would add BCAAs before extra protein powder to their diet. BCAAs are that important to “GAINS.” They are talked down upon because they are not as cheap as a 10lb back of whey gram for gram.




- Dissolves instantly and completely in a shaker bottle
- Dissolves in a cup of liquid if stirred with a fork
- No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
- Added benefit of ATP boosters
- Best tasting naturally sweetened BCAA available
- Low in sodium (~12mg per serving)
- Smooth refreshing taste
- Made with real fruit flavors
- Creatine free
- Stimulant free
- 100% free of banned substances
- 100% legal worldwide
- No “itchy skin crawling” Beta-Alanine tingles
- Noticeably better muscle recovery
- Magnesium Malate for enhanced endurance and
  water balance

- NON-GMO Fructose
- Contains ultra-premium Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
- Helps with muscle weakness during fasted training

- Reduces muscle cramps and twitching post-workout

- Vegan Friendly Fermented BCAAs and Glutamine



DIESELADE contains a healthy dose of L-Glutamine (2g) per 2.2 scoops. L-Glutamine has anti-catabolic effects (delay/prevent) muscle break down as well as boosting the immune system. In studies, L-Glutamine has a direct effect on boosting immune response to training helping to prevent the reduction in immune function caused by exercise. In a BCAA product, with BCAAs increasing protein synthesis (muscle building), it only makes sense to include an ingredient such as L-Glutamine to delay muscle breakdown.



In addition to containing BCAAs, DIESELADE helps ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) high energy molecule recycling. The ATP Phosphagen system provides energy for exercises such as sprinting and weight training. This is why creatine works best for strength training athletes versus marathon runners. Creatine holds phosphates for ADP (Adenosine Di-Phosphate) recycling back to high energy ATP. We did not want to include creatine in DIESELADE, but wanted to help ATP cycling. This is done by providing phosphates, magnesium and D-Ribose in a unique ratio as found in GET DIESEL’s ETHER creatine product. DIESELADE doesn’t replace creatine in your supplement stack; it helps those avoiding creatine to recycle ADP back to high energy ATP also stacking well with creatine products. By increasing ATP and limiting ADP, DIESELADE works to inhibit glutamate dehydrogenase. Glutamate dehydrogenate breaks down amino acids and is activated by ADP. The higher your cellular ATP levels, the less aminos you break down. ADP is abundant mid-way, during and post workout when energy levels are low. To date, DIESELADE is the only BCAA product available that is also formulated to increase ATP.


Solubility/Taste/Naturally Sweetened


For years, BCAA drinks have been plagued by non-dissolving, floating to the top, gross-tasting BCAAs that have saturated the BCAA powder market. These BCAAs have to make heavy use of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners at about 2-4x the amount used in pre-workouts because unflavored BCAAs taste that bad. Look at some of the reviews for BCAA powder drinks. This is why people are saying they taste like melted candy or high sugar cough medicine. Manufactures and consumers believe melted candy taste way better than unflavored BCAAs. Chuck Diesel, MBA, founder of GET DIESEL NUTRITION worked with several food chemists for almost a year to produce a naturally-flavored BCAA product with no artificial sweeteners. This was no easy task, and honesty the entire product was shelved twice in 2015 because it seemed impossible to make a BCAA product high in BCAAs per serving taste “good” naturally. Well it was finally done late 2015 and DIESELADE was born. BCAAs are at the first level of supplementation with protein and multivitamins. You do not want something you would take as frequently as BCAAs to be full of artificial flavors and sweeteners. It makes no sense to meal prep, eat clean, but take “dirty” BCAAs. You wouldn't eat heavily artificially flavored and sweetened chicken and vegetables would you? Often you see the Instagram photo of Tupperware with chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, and a mixed cup of the most artificial protein or BCAAs money can buy. Makes no sense at all. Switch over to DIESELADE for BCAAs with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners from a company that has been the sports supplement business since 2002.


Fermented BCAAs


So what are Fermented BCAAs? Typically free form BCAAs are manufactured with a process that uses acid washing and sources “rumored” to be of all kinds of origin such as human hair and bird feathers. Fermented BCAAs are produced naturally using a high quality fermentation process in a lab. Unlike high heat, acid washed BCAAs; fermented BCAAs are allergen friendly, and are the highest quality BCAAs you can put in your body. If a company uses fermented BCAAs believe me, you would know. The process is much more expensive than typical production and they will proudly state it in their product information and/or on their product label.


It’s time to GET DIESEL!





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1) Just like lemonade and other fruit drinks, DIESELADE taste better the colder the water. Don't mix DIESELADE in room temp water if you don't drink lemonade or 
soda at room temperature.  Mix with ice cold water or water and ice.  Can be added to smoothies or any fruit juice.


2) The longer Dieselade sits, the more intense the flavors get. Especially the Peach Mango. Tip: Mix it and let sit 10 minutes.






ATP – Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids
BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
MVC - maximal voluntary contraction
CK and LDH - muscle damage substances


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  All Natural Vegan Friendly BCAAs DIESELADE


No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners or Colors!

Diesel Test Hardcore
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