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Get the drive you need to get off you a** and take your training to the next level.



As a pre-workout energizer: Ready4War has no legal equal.  End of discussion.





Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb
Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb

Supplement Facts | Directions for use

Ready4War - Are you ready?™


Energy | Mental Focus | Training Intensity | Endurance | Thermogenic


Diesel Test Hardcore

Ready4War powder is finally back on the market! Same great Ready4War effects as the 5.0 version but better tasting! If you do not remember the infamous "Grape Dirt" Ready4War, it was a monster. People are still raving over the workouts they had on the old school Read4War formulations. When Ready4War was introduced in 2005, the target market was strictly hardcore athletes (especially powerlifters) and those who needed to train at that "next level" every single workout.. We didn't change the Ready4War formula to make it taste good but making it less effective. You will find this 2013 version to be a mirror image of the old Ready4War powders that were produced from 2005-2008. Why did it go away? Well in 2008 the industry shifted to creatine, nitric oxide all in one pre-workout products and consumers didn't want a bonified pre-workout training intensifier only. What I do know is for years customers have been asking for the return of Ready4War so here it is. This is a classic formula, made before all the borderline synthetic, not so natural stimulants started popping up in the pre-workout energy drink market. It has not been changed from the old school formulation to include any new fly by night ingredients. This is a true classic training intensifier.


Key Points:
-Great for pre-event sports or pre-competition power lifting

- Great for AM workouts or when you don't have time to wait one hour for a product to kick in

-No questionable "new wave" stimulates

-Can take on empty stomach or 30 minutes after a meal-Amplifies the pumps produced from Nitric Oxide products

-Enhances the thermogenic (fat burning effect) of exercise-Great for Men and Women



How to stack Ready4War:


- Stack with DIESEL TEST Hardcore or DIESEL TEST Procycle for the Ultimate test boosting, pre-workout energizing stack.

- Stack with NOS ETHER for a sick Nitric Oxide, Creatine - ATP, Strength, Power, Energy, Pumps,  Endurance stack.

- Stack with any herbal test booster or anti-estrogen product to amplify the test boosting effects of those products with the added plus of Ready4Wars many benefits.







Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.


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