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- Check Estrogen production

- Reduce bad (16-hydroxy) Estrogen

- Increased muscle hardness and definition

- May increase libido

Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb
Diesel Test Hardcore Supplement facts thumb

Supplement Facts | Directions for use



Estrogen Blocker Anti-estrogen Anti-aromatase - with DIM (Diindolylmethane) enhanced fat loss - Very Potent Anti-Cortisol | Anti-Estrogen*

Diesel Test Hardcore

Benefits of using E2-X™

- reduced estrogen production across the board
- increased libido (sex drive) for most users

- reduced cortisol (stress hormone)
- noticeable reduction in abdominal fat
- an improved muscle-to-fat ratio in the chest area of men
- reduced lower back fat accumulation
- a “turbo charging” effect when used with herbal test boosters (any)
- a “turbo charging” effect when used on HRT/TRT (hormone replacement therapy)
- “dryer” looking muscles with less water retention between the skin and the muscle
- harder, more defined muscle bellies
- a two phased attack on estrogen, prevention and beneficial estrogen production
- no “experimental” anti-estrogen compounds never consumed by humans
- highly effective at only one or two capsule per day
- great on cycle and during PCT
- stacks extremely well with DIESEL TEST and Raw Test
- great for use while cutting
- contains no stimulants
- increased vascularity
- increased pumps while training
- increased levels of androstenedione and testosterone
- for men and women

Estrogen: the women’s testosterone but the male’s kryptonite


Manufactured from testosterone, Estrogen or E2 is the main estrogen compound in the human body. Estrogen production is unavoidable and scary to men especially those who have used testosterone related hormones or test boosters in the past. Naturally the more testosterone your body has circulating (natural or synthetic), the more estrogen you will have circulating. As testosterone increases, body fat tends to decrease which correlates to a higher testosterone to estrogen ratio but you will still produce more estrogen (ng for ng). Having less body fat will decrease the amount of aromatase enzymes in your body, but it will not necessarily decrease the amount of testosterone that is aromatized to estrogen. If you go from three chefs in your kitchen to two, that doesn’t mean you will produce less meals per hour in that kitchen. The other two chefs will just need to work harder. Once androstenedione and testosterone is produced or introduced synthetically to the body, it either stays testosterone, or is converted (aromatized) to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. This process happens in fat cells, predominately those located around your waist area. The more testosterone you have, the more estrogen you will produce (not the more aromatase enzyme being produced, but the higher the aromatase activity).




























So you’re training hard, you’re eating right, taking your supplements and you wonder: Well why would my body want to make more estrogen, if it doesn’t need more estrogen? The body is more complex than a simple math equation. For instance, training with heavy weight increases testosterone production, but it also increases cortisol which is one of your body’s self-made anti-inflammatory compounds. Cortisol also releases fat for energy during times of stress (more on this later). Cortisol is produced in pulses, so when you are physically and mentally stressed, your body will pulse or “surge” cortisol levels. What does this have to do with estrogen and E2-X™? Cortisol surges increase abdominal fat storage. The more body fat you have, the more estrogen you have because the more fat you have, the more aromatase enzymes you have. I have always had a theory of why very large and strong powerlifters and strongmen/women tend to be “husky.” It’s like for most people the heavier you lift, the “bigger” you get all around. Heavy lifting and over training will increase test levels BUT it also will increase cortisol production, which increases fat stores, which increase aromatase enzyme levels. The use of pro-steroids, testosterone, and even herbal test booster will increase estrogen. Some test boosters like GET DIESEL’s DIESEL TEST Hardcore and DIESEL TEST Pro-cycle contain DIM (a broccoli enzyme found in E2-X™). As you will learn later, DIM helps reduce bad estrogen, influencing the production of beneficial estrogen. The special part about this is DIM doesn’t stop estrogen from being produced; it helps prevent excess bad estrogen.

Reducing bad estrogen can only take you so far. To eradicate high estrogen, you have to block estrogen from being made in the first place. You have to go after the aromatase enzyme. This is where E2-X™ comes in. E2-X works in two phases.


E2-X™ Phase 1 – Block Aromatase


The first phase is designed to stop estrogen formation by blocking the aromatase enzyme (responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen). This phase of E2-X uses a proprietary blend of zinc, ginko flavonoids, and turmeric, all natural anti-aromatase compounds proven to have an anti-aromatase effect. The specific ratios and compounds are proprietary, but you can rest assure, no other legal estrogen control dietary supplement will outperform E2-X.

Look at blocking estrogen production this way. If you are trying to stop in from raining an anti-aromatase would prevent clouds from forming all together. I don’t want to say “prevent” because even the strongest anti-aromatase drugs such as Femara (letrozole) and Arimidex (anastrozole) will not completely prevent all estrogen formation, and nor do not want it to. Estrogen is needed for many functions in the female body, as well as in men. Too low estrogen and you experience joint pain because estrogen helps keeps the collagen between your joints lubricated. The benefit of E2-X is it can be used by people with high estrogen levels, estrogen dominant individuals or those wanting lower estrogen. It’s the jack of all trades when it comes to Anti-Estrogen products.

Estrogen also plays a role in libido (sex drive) and is a large contributor to weight gain. Yes too low estrogen can influence weight gain as well as too high estrogen can influence weight gain. Estrogen is needed for strong bones. In a study in the UK, 400 men with test levels under 300 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) were either given synthetic testosterone, or synthetic testosterone AND an anti-aromatase drug. The group that received the testosterone and the anti-aromatase showed significantly higher reductions in body fat, significantly less erectile dysfunction and higher sex drive (1).


Phase 2 – Reduce “bad” Estrogen


The 2nd phase of the E2-X™ effectiveness is DIM (Diindolylmethane). DIM is made from Indole-3-Carbinol which comes from broccoli. Indole-3-Carbinol has a very low absorption and effective rate and is used often over DIM in supplements because it is at least 1/3 the cost of DIM. Most anti-aromatase products are only that. Formulated to block estrogen formation, but as previously stated, your body will not allow you to completely block estrogen formation, and what is produced can either be 16-hydroxy estrogens (bad estrogens) or good 2-hydroxy estrogens. DIM increases the production of 2-hydroxy estrogens and reduced bad estrogen. E2-X™ is formulated to reduced estrogen formation when test levels go up, or to reduce medium to high estrogen, AND it is also formulated to increase the production of beneficial 2-hydroxy estrogens.

The average company will charge you $40 a month for a DIM product with 1/3rd the total DIM in E2-X. GET DIESEL has been using DIM since 2005 in DIESEL TEST and actually used it in a few runs of DIESEL FUEL (fat burner) pre-2005. We know DIM, and we know how to enhance its bioavailability and what is an effective dose of it. Sometimes you will see products sold as “bioenhanced” DIM where you get only 25mg of DIM per capsule. E2-X contains 200mg of DIM per tablet with additional enhanced delivery. Each bottle of E2-X has 16g of DIM. Add theirs’s up (mg per capsule X total capsules) and you will see E2-X out performs the competition mg for mg, not to mention the GET DIESEL quality and other qualities of E2-X.

If you are over 35 years old, on test boosters or hormones, in PCT, or have body fat over 8%, you can benefit from using E2-X™ (and you are a male). Athletes that train at a high level or everyday people exposed to high levels of mental or physical stress can benefit from E2-X™ because it helps to reduce the increases in estrogen production caused by spikes in cortisol (stress hormone).

E2-X™ can also be consumed by women after consulting a physician and proper test have been performed to identify estrogen dominance.

The Cortisol Relation

The higher you boost your testosterone levels by heavy and or frequent weight training, the more you will produce cortisol. An increase in cortisol (stress hormone/anti-inflammatory) alone or with higher test levels will increase estrogen at an even faster rate than testosterone alone because cortisol increases mid-section fat. Cortisol does this because it causes fat to be released (triglycerides) in to the blood. To reduce this “free circulating fat” (if not used as energy) your body redeposits the circulating fat the easiest around the mid-section. Cortisol is released in pulses. When you are stressed either at work, at home or during training, cortisol is pulsed much like how adrenaline is released to help you deal with the stress. Remember, the body’s favorite energy source is fat. Fat gives you 2x the calories for energy over carbohydrates. If you train hard, combined with less than ideal hours of sleep, added to everyday life stress, every time your cortisol shoots up, you are probably producing more belly fat. Remember aromatase lives in fat cells, especially mid-section fat. It’s almost like unless you have less than 5% body fat; your test boosting stack should start with an anti-estrogen product like E2-X™ and build from there. Even if you use an effective test booster like DIESEL TEST Hardcore, Procycle or Raw Test, you will produce more estrogen. Now DIESEL TEST (both forms) contains DIM to help reduce the formation of bad estrogen, but you still will produce more estrogen because they increase testosterone. It’s not necessarily a good idea to add an anti-aromatase to a test booster (in one product), because everyone does not need to be on an anti-aromatase at the same dosage ratio to their test booster. With E2-X™ you can customize the dose for your intended use, or even use it between cycles of DIESEL TEST or Raw Test as a bridge supplement. You also may be in a situation where you want lower estrogen, not necessarily in search of sky high testosterone. If you think your hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or test boosters are giving you great results, wait until you add E2-X™ to them!


Signs of high estrogen levels


- Difficulty losing body fat, especially in the mid-section
- Disproportional weight gain, as in all to your mid-section
- Lower back fat to proportional to upper back fat (tire)
- Low muscle definition at an “average” to low body fat
- You notice less muscle hardness than when you were younger
- Gynecomastia aka “man boobs” or “b**** tits”
- Reduced erectile frequency (4)




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