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DIESEL TEST 2005 -2011

Founded in 2002 by Chuck Diesel, GET DIESEL NUTRITITON started from his need for high quality supplements that were legal when competing in drug free powerlifting competitions (ADFPF). GET DIESEL products are 100% results driven. All products are formulated with results in mind. Whatever they end up costing is what they cost. However they taste or how big the pills are is the result of making the most effective product possible. I can guarantee you that 99% of the supplement companies formulate products based on final price or flavors. For instance if they want to make a fat burner, they start with a price, a profit margin and put whatever ingredients in that product to meet those goals. If they make a pre-workout energizer it will be formulated to make a certain flavor. If there are vitamins or herbs that cannot be masked with flavoring, those ingredients are left out.

Some facts: 


  • GET DIESEL was the first sports nutrition company to use Kre-Alklyn in a creatine strength product (NOS ETHER in 2004).

  • GET DIESEL was the first to use adaptogens such as rhodiola rosea in sports nutrition products (2002).

  • GET DIESEL once had the #1 selling kre-alkyln containing product at (NOS ETHER 2006).

  • GET DIESEL has not had one product pulled by the FDA in 18 years of business.

  • We primarily use Stevia as our sweeter in all products with none containing Acesulfame potassium (Acesulfame-K). 


All GET DIESEL products are manufactured in an "approved for pharmaceuticals" facility and have been since 2002.  This was before the FDA had any regulations on supplement manufacturing.  In 2002, anyone could order herbs, buy a machine, and make and sell capsules from anywhere.  GET DIESEL elected to go the more expensive route by having a pharmaceutical manufacture contract manufacture our products.  This way, you the customer will know your products are made in a facility that is inspected by the FDA AND our products meet USP standard for weight.  That mean if there is supposed to be say 200mg of green tea in your product, you will get 195mg to 205mg of green tea.  We import the finest extracts and raw materials directly from Germany and Asia, if the best is not available from a US supplier.  Our DIESEL TEST for instance is considered the best herbal test booster available because it contains premium ingredients. There are a few other test boosters that may list the same ingredients as DIESEL TEST Hardcore and Procycle but I can GUARANTEE they do not have the online praise DIESEL TEST has in reviews.



Why is GET DIESEL not sold in most online stores and retailers?


Get Diesel was founded in 2002, by a guy in his early 20's.  At that time, there were only major sports supplement companies such as EAS, Twinlab, etc. By time distributors showed interest in the line, we were selling more product than we could supply to our direct distribution customers, websites, and stores. Results speak for them-self.  You can Google "Get diesel review", "DIESEL TEST review", "Ready4War review" , "JP8 review", " NOS ETHER review" or search the forums or forums and see GET DIESEL produces results. 


GET DIESEL NUTRITION will always strive to make the most effective products possible.  Look for use to expand our line in the near future with high quality multi-vitamins, protein and our new line coming soon: DIESEL PHARMA.



Thanks for visiting and learning more about GET DIESEL.

More products coming soon! 

PO BOX 962, Lansing IL 60438





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