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Libido - Virtility Poducts


Coq DIESEL™ is currently sold out.  It will be re-released by summer 2017 under our new line: DIESEL™ PHARMA.  This line will feature more "cross-over" supplements such as liquid muti-vitamins, Coq DIESEL, B-Complex, etc.,. The difference between Sunami and Coq DIESEL is Sunami was formulated to enhance the results of DIESEL TEST™ when stacked, or to increase sex drive in males and females when used alone.  Coq DIESEL was formulated to increase erection response and hardness.  Sunami will do what Coq DIESEL does and vise versa. DIESEL TEST Procycle V3 has our "Coq DIESEL" blend and can be used at two tabs a day  for libido, and male "enhancement" or two tabs 2 hours before "go time."


If sex drive is a problem more so than erection hardness, go with Sunami.  If erection hardness is the main problem, not sex drive, go with Coq DIESEL, DIESEL TEST Procycle or Sunami if you are sensitive to yohimbe. 


DIESEL TEST Hardcore or DIESEL TEST Procycle both  have strong libido boosting effects.  Procycle is strong for boosting test levels and erection response. Each can be taken at low does (2-3 tabs/day) for increased sexual response. Hardcore is stronger for libido.



Sperm count declines with age, with men aged 50–80 years producing sperm at an average rate of 75% compared with men aged 20–50 years. However, an even larger difference is seen in how many of the seminiferous tubules in the testes contain mature sperm:


  • In males 20–39 years old, 90% of the seminiferous tubules contain mature sperm

  • In males 40–69 years old, 50% of the seminiferous tubules contain mature sperm

  • In males 80 years old and older, 10% of the seminiferous tubules contain mature sperm


What does this mean? Get you some Sunami, DIESEL TEST Hardcore, or Procycle....problem solved.


(from ^ "Effect of Age on Male Fertility" Seminars in Reproductive Endocrinology. Volume, Number 3, August 1991. Sherman J. Silber, M.D.)


You may not have erectile dysfunction or low semen volume, but that doesn't mean you and your partner can't benifit from our sexual health products.  Many men and women of all ages over 18 use are products to take their sexual health to the next level.  Get the gifts that keep on giving.  - Chuck Diesel



**Please note, these products are not inteded to cure or treat any disease. 

Diesel Test Hardcore
Diesel Test Hardcore


Diesel Test Hardcore
Diesel Test Hardcore
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