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Steve Goggins


Name: Steve Goggins/Goggins Force Powerlifting Team

Title: USAPL Powerlifter

Location: Georgia USA


Compitition History Notes: 

Future Competitions: Goggins Force Invitational. Atlanta GA, Oct 2016, USAPA, Lee Haney Fitness Expo.

Instagram: Gogginsforce


Web page:


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Steve Goggins' Legendary first ever
1100 lb squat.

So Who is Steve Goggins?


Born December 15, 1963, in Chatham, VA; Steve Goggins is the youngest of six siblings. He attended Chatham High School, where he was a four-year letterman in football. He also lettered in track & field and wrestling. Steve’s powerlifting career started while in high school, around 1979.

Steve is a Veteran with 7 years of service in the US Army from 1983, until 1990. While in the Army, he served in the 82nd Airborne and was a member of the Armed Forces Powerlifting Team. He has competed in powerlifting for over 25 years and was the first powerlifter to squat 1100 pounds. He has won many titles since he started powerlifting as a teenager.

Steve now resides in Marietta, GA and is the current state chairman of the USPA Powerlifting Organization. He offers his programming and coaching, and is available for seminars. He has been a personal trainer since he came out of the service in 1990 and is certified through Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

Steve is arguably one of the top 3 powerlifters of all time.

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To contact Steve for programming/training visit:

Steve talking deadlifts for Elite FTS

Steve talking deadlifts for Elite FTS

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