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Josiah Dorton


Name: Josiah Dorton (USA)

Works: United States Air Force

Title: Combat Arms Instructor

Organizations: INBA, NGA, NANBF, NPC

Coached by: IFPA Pro Doug Miller


Josiah has been in the United States Air Force for 10 years as Security Forces member and a Combat Arms Instructor. In November 2012 Josiah reached an unhealthy 297 pounds at around 28% body fat. After taking action and getting to the best physical shape of his life he has competed bodybuilding shows as a Natural Athlete, both tested and non-tested shows. He is your everyday normal guy who has a family and 2 children but lives for fitness and changing the lives of everyone for the better through motivation and creating healthy habits for everyone to follow. He is proof that it is possible to transform your body with many responsibilities and still continue to reach success in all aspects of your life. Follow him on his journey and as always…”GET DIESEL OR DIE TRYING”!!!!



Past Shows:

                NPC Kemper Classic- 3rd Place Heavy Weight

                NGA East Coast Championships- 1st Place Heavy Weight/ 2nd Overall


Future Shows:

                INBA Eastern USA Championships (March 2015)

                OCB Liberty State Natural (March 2015)


Instagram: @natty_muscle

YouTube: Josiah Dorton YouTube Channel

Facebook: Josiah Dorton Facebook Page


More to come!

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