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Creatine (ATP) Products


Diesel Test Hardcore

- Training Intensity (9)

- Mental Focus (8)

- Endurance (9)

- Explosive Power (10)

-Pumps (10)


-Strength gains (10)


* Stimulant Free

* Caffeine Free

*Legal Worldwide

*Legal in any drug tested organization


Introduced in 2005, NOS ETHER is the hands down most effective product for those who are training to increase strength/power gains, especially in the 1 to 5 rep range. Nothing compares to the results when used as directed. As for recovery, this product is great for reducing lactic acid burn and muscle soreness during training. Visit the NOS ETHER page and read real customer feedback for yourself.


The rating is on a 1-10 scale and is more for what you should use the product for, not the results in that category. For instance a 5 in nitric oxide means do not purchase if pumps are your main concern from the product. A 10 in training intensity means if you are training for intensity, nothing legal is better. If you are looking for an all in one creatine - stimulant - pumps products we suggest you try JP8x or JP8x which is found under Products --> Pre-workout Energizers or by clicking Products --> JP8x below.

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